Pamela Perez

I am excited to begin my second year here at Stacey Jr/Sr High. I have been a Texas educator for 20 years with the last 10 years as an instructional coach and/or math interventionist. I believe all students can succeed and gain confidence in math through trial and error and understanding that growth comes from making mistakes and learning from them. I will be teaching math improvement for grades 6-8, additionally, I am lucky enough to be teaching Teen Leadership to our incoming 6th graders.                             


Ms. Perez

2017-2018 Schedule

 A1  Teen Leadership  7:45-9:15  B5 Teen Leadership 
 A2  conference  9:20-10:50  B6  7th math improvement
   Lunch 10:55-11:25


 Learning Lab  11:30-12:05    Learning Lab
 A3  6th math improvement  12:10-1:40  B7  conference
 A4  8th math improvement  1:45-3:15  B8  Teen Leadership


Course Information Teen Leadership 

Course Information Math Improvement