Registration Process

Due to school closures, you will register for next year's classes online. Please follow the directions outlined below. 

Getting Started

  • Download the following from the Counselor's Corner under the Registration Resources section
    • 2020-2021 Course Catalog - included in the catalog are the course listings with the course numbers, credit detail, and grade level each course is available to
    • Stacey Endorsement Checklist - this specifies which courses you need and the order that you need to take them in
    • A completed Course Selection Card for your grade level - this outlines which courses you need to register for in the upcoming school year
  • You will be completing your registration on txMyZone. Click here to access their registration portal
  • When you're ready to start, click Student Course Requests

  • You will need the following information to log in
    • Student ID with the leading 0
    • Your birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

Selecting Requested Courses

  • Once you have logged in you may begin selecting your courses. Courses are grouped together by subjects. 
    • Students can also see courses and credits they have earned under each subject tab. Please check this by clicking the green Subject Credit Detail box when making elective choices.

  • Select courses by clicking the green checkmark in the Add column of the Available Courses box

  • Once a course is selected, it will move to the Requested Courses box on the right

Selecting Alternate Courses

  • After you have selected all of your courses, you will be able to select alternate courses that will be used if your original requests cannot be fulfilled due to class size or schedule availability
    • You should have a total of 8 classes unless you are taking any one-semester course, such as Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness and Interpersonal Studies
  • To select an alternate course, click the green A in the Alt column of the Available Courses box

  • A pop up box will appear asking you to choose which course you would like the alternate to potentially replace. Click on the blue text to select the course. 
    • In the example shown, Commercial Photography will be used as an alternate for Digital Media

  • Once you have selected the course it will be added to the Alternate Courses box on the bottom right. You can select up to 3 alternates for any course. 

Reviewing & Finalizing Your Selections

  • To remove a course from your selection you can click the black X in the Drop column

  • In the Requested Courses box you can see the number of alternates you have selected for each class in the Alts column

  • When you are satisfied with your selections click on the Submit button. 
    • A confirmation screen will appear, click Continue to finalize your submission
    • Once you hit submit, you can no longer make changes to course requests. If changes need to be made, you will need to contact Mrs. Medellin-Keller at
  • You will be given your schedule on Prep Day in August.