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Our Above & Beyond committee met on May 10, 2021 and reviewed the nominations. All nominees have been approved and recommended by their principals/supervisors.

Each Above & Beyond award recipient will be recognized and honored at the next monthly school board meeting on May 25, 2021. They will receive a “Certificate of Achievement,” a $200.00 stipend, and a reserved parking space. Additionally, their names will be displayed on the Marquee and the Lackland ISD website, along with an article published in the weekly e-newsletter.

The Above & Beyond recommended winners for Spring 2021 recognition are:

 Auxiliary – Justine Morales serves the district as High School Lead Custodian.  Justine provides outstanding custodial support ensuring our classrooms, common areas, and administrative spaces are clean and well maintained. During the school day, Justine is always ready to respond to urgent needs and help other departments.  Her willingness to help Child Nutrition during the staffing shortages they faced  this year as a result of the pandemic was instrumental in food service being able to continue to provide uninterrupted meal service for our students. In addition to her regular duties, Justine also assumed the responsibility of ordering and tracking the district’s COVID-19 supplies ensuring that the district had a ready supply of cleaning and disinfecting supplies. We are proud to recognize Justine Morales as one of our Spring 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.

 Para-Professional – Desiree Salazar serves as a 3rd grade Teaching Assistant at Lackland Elementary.  Mrs. Salazar uses strategies and helps develop behavioral interventions for the students that she is working with even though she does not have the responsibility to do so.  She knows that without a plan in place for her students they cannot fully succeed.  She has an impressive ability to implement useful strategies for all of the students that she works with in the classroom, so that they can learn better ways to manage emotions and work together as a peer group. Mrs. Salazar’s daily efforts helps ensure that our students have a positive and productive school day.  We are proud to recognize Desiree Salazar as one of our Spring 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.

 Professional – Amanda Rigby serves as a Science Teacher at Stacey Junior High School. Mrs. Rigby is constantly going above and beyond with her students and her fellow teachers. She has students stay after school to help them in areas they are struggling with.  She delivers lab supplies to student’s homes that are unable to attend in person.  She finds ways to make learning equitable for virtual and in-person students.  Mrs. Rigby is not only a great teacher for her students she is also a great mentor for new teachers to the district and her other peers.  She consistently reaches out to her fellow teachers via email and in person and provides extra support when needed. We are proud to recognize Mrs. Amanda Rigby as one of our Spring 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.

 Professional – Camille Morales serves as one of the district’s School Nurses.  This year she also took on the responsibilities of the district COVID-19 nurse and was essential in developing effective health and safety protocols during this health crisis.  Nurse Morales has truly gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to her co-workers, “she quickly answers phone calls, emails, and messages.  It does not matter the time; she makes sure that staff get the help they need and addresses any concerns they may have.  Her dedicated daily efforts have been instrumental in the district’s success in responding to the challenges created by this terrible pandemic.  We are proud to recognize Camille Morales as one of our Spring 2021 Above & Beyond award winners.

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