Homework Center

Do you need help with homework?

Do you want a quiet place to study? 

Do you want to start on homework with the help of a teacher? 




Monday - Thursday from 3:20-4:20

Hosted by Ms. Rabidas in room 4812

Note: Teachers and staff will have mandatory meetings on some Wednesdays. Ms. Rabidas will let the students know if the Homework Center must be closed. 

All students attending the homework center must: 

  • Sign in and out on the Homework Center roster. 
  • Arrive in Homework Center with all materials needed. Make sure you have your books, supplies, etc. Junior high students will not be allowed to bo to their lockers and, for safety reasons, must remain in the building. 
  • Work quietly or read a book. You may work with another student if the teacher permits. 
  • Let the teacher know if you need to leave the room for any reason, which includes using the restroom and/or goingn to your locker (high school students only)
  • Set your cell phone on silent. You may use the classroom phone on an emergancy basis. 

Students who are consistently unable to follow the above guidelines may be asked to refrain from attending the Homework Center.